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May. 30th, 2007

Another girl died by my house last night.

On a brighter note my dad is buying a huge piece of land. He's going to build a house on it and eventually move there in like two years, but I think I'll be Japan by than so for me it doesn't really matter.  

I seldom have dreams.If nightmares continue for an extended period of time, the individual should consider obtaining professional counseling services. Nightmares are a direct result of overwhelming feelings of fear and helplessness, or a result of an unprocessed traumatic experience.If after several weeks no change is noted, consultation with a therapist is advisable. 

-Several weeks! Well it's been about ALL my life. I think I'm a little late.

There is something very wrong with my dreams because I'm a naturally happy person

random pictures that were taken at different times of last year.

What I've been up too^^

Not much to talk about when you finish high school early.  Anyways, I had violin class monday and the teacher and I played three songs. OMG it sounded amazing. I love the sound of the violin. 

Wednesday I was working out at the gym and my throat decided to close up. The last time that happened my doctor told me to go the hospital and so I did now I'm stuck with Twinject epinephrine. Also I'm suppose to get tested now to find out why my throat closes. I'm going to be poked with big ugly needles. Stupid life threatening thingy. 

Oh and today I walked my puppy with my mom and her friend. That was fun until half way through walking Angel wanted up in my arms because she was tried. I had to carry that little pup for half an hour all the way home. I'm so glad that she's small. My mom didn't help all she kept saying was " oh lets go this way, this is a nice route, let's go back this way, oh lets talk to these people I know" . Mom my arms are getting tried!

May. 1st, 2007

I have a violin (rental, but I plan on getting my own) It's so cool.

I like my Hizumi hair

Ok I'm going to do a before and after picture of my hair because the "People" want to change it and I'm really scared that they are going to make me look like a pop, sparkly, sequence, pink everything hair style. I like my hair the way it is. If the make it look like Britt Spears or PCD or anything like that than I'll chop all my hair off. First I have to find a ok  before picture.

Oh I found this picture of me that my dad took at a fashion show and I look famous and God damn I love the outfit on me

Quickie update

I saw the Phantom of the Opera . They need to fix their speakers because all you heard was noise and I couldn't make out what they were saying, but the visuals were really good.

I joined the gym and right now the price for teens is really cheap there. I'm in extreme pain. Shoot me now please.

I've been playing with a Klomp Cranes pocket knife. It the size of my thumb, it's really cute. I've been playing with it for a week and the blade is nice and sharpe but here's the punchline I cut my wrist with my thumb nail trying to open a bottle of juice. I play with a knife and my nail cuts me.

I drew a picture of Shinya and I think it's the best portrait out of the four other Jrockers. I already had someone ask me if they could buy it even though they didn't know who the person was. I'm not selling. I like it to much.

I really want to go to the Bikkuri Japanese restaurant in down town toronto.

That's it I think.

A little get-to-gether

Yesterday was another really fun day. I went to my friend's house who I haven't seen in a year. We said our hellos and then my friend asked me if it was true that the children work hug their parents even if they haven't seen them in a year. I said well I know they won't do it in public because it's embarrassing. Than all you hear is see I told you so idiot. Her brother comes up the stairs and starts talking about his friend who is going back to Japan on wed. and that the guy won't hug his parents.

Than we played ping pong. I am the champ. WOOT! It was funny cuz when I was playing the game with my friend's brother (I don't know how to spell his name) The Simpsons was on and Bart and Lisa were playing ping pong too.

We had really good fish for dinner and than we played darts. I suck at that game. After that we played a word game. We also decided that the three of us will go to Japan together because they want to go this summer before university starts and I asked if I could come and they said yes and Elise if you wanna come too I could ask.

Mar. 11th, 2007

Yesterday was so much fun. I went to York University with Misa to the Galla thing they were having. It's like an open house. Anyways we went to a bunch of seminars and went on a tour of  York. After all that hard work we went to the arcade which was loaded with asians(I think we were the only white people in that place). We challenged people and I came in third place. Booyeah! In your face hard core players. It must have been beginners luck. I'm so proud of myself. Now I want to go to an arcade and beat some more asian ass.